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4 Basic Tips for Hiring Talented Medical Device Sales Pros

medical device sales

The medical industry is one that is always evolving through the introduction of new procedures, research, and products. All of these factors play a very important role in creating new job positions for people in the medical field — as many can work in sales as representatives of big firms.

If you are a medical sales recruiter or HR manager in any company and you wish to find a medical device sales professional to help sell your business’s medical devices, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you pick the right person for the job. These tips are a great way to get you started:

Hire through networking

One of the best ways to find talented medical device sales professionals is to hire them through networking. You can achieve this in a very simple way. You will have to ask your current partners, co-workers, and employees to let you know if they have any people in mind who have experience in the field and who would like to work for your company.

Networking can bring professionals to your doorstep without you having to try at all. As James Scott, CEO at EssaySupply has said: “Networking can bring not only companies but also professionals together.” It can truly provide you with an opportunity to meet new people and have more than one option in mind.

Hiring people through networking can help you know that they, in fact, are experienced and trustworthy. Current employees and business partners will want your company to thrive as they themselves will benefit from that. An employee might even be looking for a potential promotion through this action, so they will be careful and certain about any person they send your way.

Adapt your interview strategy

As Veronica Wright, CEO at ResumesCentre has said: “The best way to see if a salesperson is good at their job is to ask them to try selling you your own product. This is an old trick but it works.”

Improving the way you interview your potential candidates means that you might have to have a few new tricks up your sleeve. With any new employee, you will have to make sure that their selling skills are on point and that they will be able to adapt to any situation.

Asking a potential employee to sell you your product can be helpful in many different ways. First of all, you will be able to see how the person reacts under pressure. On top of that, you will see how well prepared they are for the interview as well as how committed they will be to convincing a potential client to make a purchase. If they manage to make it convincing enough for you, they just might be worth your company’s time.

Offer loyalty incentives

When the interview is at its final stages and you have decided which person you wish to pick for your company, offering incentives will help you convince them. This will truly help you add a talented medical device sales employee to your team as they won’t be able to pass on the opportunity to work for you.

One of the things that many companies do wrong when interviewing a potential employee is not letting them know of the benefits they will gain from their partnership in the future. You can motivate them to accept your position by mentioning perks like free working hours, bonuses for good performance, and training opportunities.

As Natalie Lane, HR specialist at IsAccurate has commented: “The secret to finding a talented sales professional is keeping your options open.” As long as you keep an open mind and you ask your environment for help, you should be able to find someone who will fit your company’s needs and help you increase your medical device sales.

Sylvia GiltnerSylvia Giltner is an HR manager and freelance writer. She helps people write the perfect resume and land a desirable job. Featured on Next Avenue and Fast Company.