If the American workforce were on a billboard it would read “EXHAUSTED” in bright, red letters.

In fact, a new report from SHRM found 38 percent of employees feel overwhelmed by how much they have to get done at work. And medical sales employees are no exception.

With constant accessibility on their phones, time spent traveling, demanding customers, lofty goals — who can blame them?

In this exhaustive state, employees start looking for new medical sales jobs. Ones where they feel their needs — both in and out of the office — will be met. Which means it’s recruiters’ jobs to understand their circumstances and offer a feeling of relief in the chaos.

Here’s how you can refocus your recruiting strategy and attract reps who are feeling overwhelmed and overworked:

Promote work-life balance — to everyone

The benefits of work-life balance are frequently geared toward female recruits. However, this perception could be hurting your recruitment of talented male reps. In fact, 46 percent of men and 43 percent of women experience work-family conflict on a regular basis.

Constantly playing tug-of-war between work and family is a key source of exhaustion. The burden of feeling like they’re never fully present is brutal for both men and women.

Show all recruits you value a strong work-family balance. Change the wording on your career page and in job descriptions to speak directly to both men and women looking for this balance.

For example, “We don’t believe work is the only important factor in your life. We recognize your need to shut down from work in order to focus on being the best mom, dad, and partner.”

Once it’s time for interviews, bring in members of your team who understand the struggles of medical sales and having a family. Encourage candidates to ask them questions and bond over their commonalities. The more connected interviewees are to someone with a family, the more they’ll trust your company can help them find that balance.

Emphasize time off policies

Constant availability via smartphones is the biggest blessing and curse for medical sales jobs. While it’s important employees are reachable, shutting down is a necessary step to stop feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, it helps everyone work more effectively when they have time off to decompress, regroup, and work on themselves outside of work.

The challenging part of sales pros is that they’re naturally driven and determined. So, recruiters need to show they’re focused on their team’s well-being — even if they have to push them to take time off.

Be aggressive with time off policies. Let candidates know the company takes time off very seriously by offering four day weeks, paid parental leave policies, and even mandatory vacation days. Prove you take these policies seriously to candidates by asking current team members to share photos of themselves enjoying their time off on social media.

Show manageable workloads

Overworked sales candidates need to know they’re not moving from one unbearable workload to another.

Attract potential candidates by listing short, specific job details. Show there’s no busy work involved, their client list isn’t unreasonable, and that every task they complete has a strategic purpose and positive end result.

Directly below these details, share how management helps employees strategize to maximize results while minimizing time. Whether it’s in weekly team meetings, monthly one-on-ones, or simply having an open-door policy, show candidates management is there for constant support to ensure they don’t feel overworked or overwhelmed again.

How do you attract candidates who are feeling overworked in their current roles? Let us know!

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