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3 Tips That Will Launch Your Career in Medical Sales

Unsplash: AndyBeales

Shopping, baking, hosting, traveling — the holiday season is never as calm and peaceful as we like to imagine. Unfortunately, topping all of this off is stress from your career. In fact, 35 percent of employees feel more work-related pressure during the holidays, according to an Accountemps survey.

In medical sales, stress during the holidays is even greater than many other industries. Right now, reps are entering that final push to hit end-of-year sales goals, which will determine bonuses, goals for next year, and could even impact raises or promotions.

Breaking into the field during that last, stressful drive is challenging. However, with the right mindset and focus, you can turn any job search-related intimidation into motivation.

Here’s how you can impress recruiters and break into medical sales even during the holidays:

1. Gather-up all your connections.

Now is the time to put your connections to good use. During this season, you’ll be invited to more business and personal gatherings — and you need to accept the invites. Making an appearance will allow you to reconnect with your network and make new, meaningful connections during your medical sales job search.

Anyone you meet could lead to a potential opportunity, so be sure to get the ball rolling with as many people as possible. Introduce yourself and ask for advice when the conversation turns to careers. It’s a bit unorthodox to ask for a job at a party. Instead use phrases like, “I’m interested in learning more about…” or “I love sales, but that’s just one of the reasons I want to break into medical sales…”

Be sure to follow up with your connections once the festivities have ended. Call or send an email thanking the person for taking the time to chat with you. Don’t forget to add something specific they said during your conversation to let them know you were really listening.

2. Prove your medical sales-worthiness.

It’s true, sales managers are definitely feeling the pressure from the impending end of 2018. While this stress can come off as intimidating, it’s something you need to use to your advantage. Remember, if they’re hiring right now, chances are they really need you.

Many job seekers are taking a break from their job searches during the holidays. This means competition is at a minimum for you and companies’ talent pools are looking bleak. Another encouraging fact is that nearly 70 percent of medical sales candidates received a job offer in three months or less during their latest job search, according to our latest report, The Truth Revealed: Is Low Unemployment Causing a Medical Sales Jobs Shortage?

While these two facts are promising for your job search success, you still need to prove you’re worthy of a medical sales position, especially during the holidays. Your job is to impress recruiters by showing them you can set specific goals and quickly hit them.

Show recruiters you can get the job done by telling success stories from both your career and personal life. Share a time when you had to get creative to overcome a client obstacle or when you were on a tight deadline and still found a way to deliver the sale.

3. Let your persistence shine.

No matter what sales role you held before, you know persistence is key. When you’re hoping to land a medical sales job during the holidays, that persistence will come in handy.

This doesn’t mean you’re prepared to call three times a day until they offer you a job. Rather, it means you need to show up with purpose. To do this, research the company’s territories, current and potential customers, customer demographics, the product, and competitors.

Use the data to present meaningful and valuable information throughout the interview process. Bring a mock one-sheeter sharing how you’d sell to a customer who has already given the company a “no.” Connect initial research to sales scenarios you’ve handled in the past.

For example, if you found many of the company’s customers feel the products are out of their price range, design a one-sheeter showing how you’ve overcome this feedback before. Include the customer’s demographics, their reason for saying no, and how you creatively turned the no into a sale.

What struggles do you have when job searching during the holidays? Let us know!