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3 Steps to Being Your Best Online Self During a Medical Sales Job Hunt


At the end of the day, most successful hunts for medical sales roles are the result of people connecting with people. Yet, the initial stages of the job search and candidate selection process usually take place online.

I recommend a three-step strategy that lets hiring managers and recruiters know you’re looking for pharma and/or device sales roles, makes you as easy to find as possible, and impresses anyone who searches for and finds you.

Step 1: Put Your Best Foot Forward Online

While a resume and an impressive interview may get you the job in the end, this is usually the last step — and one that takes place after a lengthy search and vetting process.

According to a 2017  Business News Daily article, a majority of decision makers use social media to screen potential candidates.

Why? Companies have learned the hard way that professional personas don’t always align with private life personas. They are on the lookout for potential red flags that show a disconnect.

Like it or not, everything is up for interpretation — from the comments you post to the pics and articles you share.

Luckily, for medical sales job seekers, almost 90 percent of hiring managers use LinkedIn for screening, according to a 2017 Fast Company article. This means that in addition to being mindful of what you post and share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you may get a big bang for your buck by shining professionally here.

How? Complete as much of your LinkedIn profile as possible — taking care to not leave blank the headline, summary section, headshot, volunteer, recommendations, and skills sections.

Step 2: Let Sales Recruiters Know You’re Open to A Discussion via LinkedIn

You can let recruiters who subscribe to one of LinkedIn’s premium services privately know you’re interested by going to “ME,” then “View Your Profile” and toggling the “Let Recruiters Know You’re Open” on the dashboard located above your experience section.

While this feature will only cover some medical sales recruiters, you can make it easy for the rest to reach you by including an email and a phone number in the summary section, in addition to the contact information section.

Step 3: Include Keywords in Your LinkedIn Profile

Increase the chances of your name bubbling to the top of a LinkedIn search by making sure the right medical sales keywords are peppered throughout your profile.

Rather than defaulting to your current role as your headline, create a headline that includes the kinds of keywords a pharma or device recruiter might use to search for talent like you.

The summary, experience and skills sections are also rich with opportunities to weave key wording and key phrasing into a description of you and your achievements.

Stumped for keywords? Review job postings of interest. Those industry phrases and terms that you see commonly in the qualifications section are a great place to start.

People are Looking – Take Advantage of It!

Most of us just want a shot at making a persuasive case in front of a decision maker during an interview. In my experience, you can fast track this by making yourself easy to find and impressing them with what they see.


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– By Virginia Franco, NCRW, CPRW

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