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3 Reasons You Should Interview Silver Medalists For Your Next Job Opening

A silver medal in the Olympics — now that’s a great achievement. A silver medal in the job search — it’s not something you’re writing home about.

These silver medalist candidates are those who came in just short of getting an offer from you. This doesn’t mean they weren’t a great fit or a strong hire; they simply weren’t the top choice at the time. In fact, that’s why the majority of recruiters in a 2018 Jobvite report (77 percent) say they’ve gone back and hired silver medalists.  

Because so many companies have success with silver medalists as later hires, it’s important to keep them in your pipeline.

Here are three reasons why medical sales recruiters should reevaluate silver medalists:

They already showed interest in your company.

Silver medalists are a great talent pool because they’ve already invested their time and interest in your company in the past. This means they likely decided that your company’s values align with their own and that your corporate culture felt like a good fit.

These alignments are essential with any new hire, so it can be effective to start the process with a pipeline of silver medalists who already know how they feel about your company. According to the Jobvite report, more than half of recruiters say their biggest challenge in hiring is intense competition. However, when you reconsider someone who was already interested, it can make it easier to cut through the competition of the labor market.

They already meet the qualifications of your job description.

If a candidate was one of the runners up to your last hiring decision, they most likely fit the qualifications you needed for that position. Chances are, the person was a pretty good fit who you would have been content to hire if your first choice had declined their offer.

Because you’ve already invested time vetting these candidates, silver medalists can be a great choice when similar roles come up in the future. Two out of three recruiters in the Jobvite report said their biggest challenge in hiring is the lack of skilled and high-quality candidates.

If they made it to the final stages of your hiring process the first time around, you could save yourself from starting at square one to find even more interview candidates who fit the qualifications. This is especially helpful if it was a close decision for the last hire.

They probably have more experience than they had the first time around.

Depending on how much time has past since the last hiring cycle, there is a great chance that your silver medalists have gained more experience since you last considered them for your company. This means that they may have already filled the gaps in their qualifications that caused them not to be selected last time.

Invite silver medalists to provide their updated resume and during the interview, focus on what they’ve learned since the last time you spoke with them. There is a strong possibility that these candidates are even more qualified for your company than they were when you first met them. Now that the timing matches their qualifications, it could be the perfect reason to reconnect.

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