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3 Marie Kondo Inspired Ways to Declutter Your Medical Sales Spaces

Marie Kondo has revolutionized the way the world tidies up. Her style of organization has become such a trend that people now refer to their decluttering as simply ‘Marie Kondo-ing.’ In her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, Kondo encourages people to go beyond the idea of a clean space.

She focuses on the deeper aspect of finding joy and purpose in everything you own. As a result, a calm and motivated mindset is easier to achieve. For busy medical sales reps, the idea of less chaotic spaces is idealistic but often overwhelming. Racing from meeting to meeting leaves an open window for an expansion of clutter, from home offices to workplaces, and into vehicles.

Disorganization of this degree isn’t just unhandy. It causes a strain on mental well-being and, as a result, sales goals.

So, it’s time to climb out over that stack of growing papers, detangle yourself from the multiplying charger cords, and allow yourself the gift of refocusing and reenergizing. With a few quick and simple tips guided by Kondo, we’ll have you more organized than ever before.

Here’s where you need to start:

Find out what ‘sparks joy’ — and ditch the rest

Kondo believes that if something doesn’t spark joy in your life, it shouldn’t be there. To find out what sparks her clients’ joy, she encourages them to touch the objects, ask if it brings joy, and if not, thank it for its service and get rid of it for good.

Of course, not everything necessary in your medical sales spaces will bring you great joy. Every item, however, should bring joy in what they accomplish. Start by narrowing objects into categories. Books, for example, are a great place to start. Gather all the books in your car, home office, and workspace and start deciding which remain useful and relevant in your career.

Continue moving through specific categories until you’re left only with things that contribute to joy (in this case, sales success!). Remember, there’s no set timeline for you to accomplish an overhaul of all your items. Move at your own pace and remain focused on one category at a time.

Declutter digital spaces

Fastfood wrappers in your car, stacks of papers that need filing, and multiplying personal items aren’t the only things cluttering your medical sales life. We become so easily consumed with this physical clutter that we lose sight of the digital disasters inundating our lives.

Consider the number of apps, documents, and emails sitting on your computer, smartphone, and tablet at this moment. Which apps have been dormant for months? And how many emails did you open, realize you didn’t need, but just never deleted?

If you’re a digital hoarder, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. A recent Kaspersky report found that 45 percent of respondents only occasionally or never delete online documents or apps.

Even if that clutter isn’t sitting right in front of you, taking up space, you know it’s there. Give yourself time each day to go through email inboxes. Delete messages that are no longer useful and take yourself off of mailing lists that you never open.

If management has updated apps, transfer data from old ones and completely delete them from all your devices.

Focus on your mental clutter

Stress caused by mental clutter is a major issue in any industry. In fact, 46 percent of employees say their workload is the biggest workplace stressor, according to a report by The American Institute of Stress.

Mental clutter can present itself in various ways: Your daily commitment to checking-in with too many clients taking a toll on your mental well-being. Or, the number of extra duties you take on to try and earn a promotion.

This creates a snowball effect of stress that becomes challenging to control. Start Kondo-ing your mental clutter by assessing which commitments bring you joy and which you should give up. Opening up your schedule will open up your mind. As you relieve some of the burdens, you’ll start to see your energy and focus for more important tasks begin to rise.

What’s one area in your medical sales spaces that needs to be decluttered? Let us know!

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