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3 Easy Ways To Stop Satisfied Medical Sales Reps From Quitting


Eric is known for forming quality relationships with his employees. He knows where they excel, when they’re struggling, and who is happiest in their position. But it never fails — every year successful and seemingly satisfied medical sales reps hit him with a surprising two weeks notice.

Unfortunately, Eric isn’t alone in the shock of wondering what keeps going wrong when happy medical sales employees leave. In our recently released Best Places to Work report, 70 percent of respondents are satisfied with their jobs, but still 45 percent are likely to leave within the next year.

With even the most satisfied medical sales reps ready to jump ship, it’s crucial you understand why they’re willing to leave a job they love for something new.

Here’s why even the best managers are losing quality medical sales reps:

Competitive compensation

If your company prides itself in its competitive compensation package, they’re not alone. Even though compensation varies depending on the company’s size, medical sales companies know the value of quality employees and are willing to pay for them.

Since paying ‘top’ dollar is now a commonality between the best medical sales companies, leaders need to offer benefits outside of salary. Sit down with your employees to determine what benefits will add to their compensation and make working easier. Offer a company car, gas card, company credit card, and recognition prizes for hard work.

Don’t wait until an employee has one foot out the door to start this conversation. Instead, make it part of your hiring process by asking why a candidate might leave their new position. If their answer involves leaving for higher pay, have an honest discussion about what the company is capable of offering if they stay and grow.

Work-life balance

A medical sales reps’ life isn’t for everyone. Sometimes the hours are unpredictable and it can feel like you’re on the road more than you’re at home. However, this doesn’t mean that medical sales companies can’t focus on taking care of their employees with a healthy work-life balance.

Employees with a competitive spirit who love their careers can feel overwhelmed. So, when a similar opportunity comes along promising work-life balance, employees feel like they’re being offered sanctuary from another company.

Just because employees seem happy in their jobs doesn’t mean they don’t need nourished by leaders. Check in with frequent one-on-one meetings to instill trust between leaders and employees. Employees who trust their leaders will be more likely to open up about what is bothering them, where they’re struggling, and what the company can do to better their work lives.

Once you’ve developed open and honest relationships, help create a better work-life balance for employees. Each employee will likely have different needs, that’s why it’s important to continue building each and every relationship.

For the martyrs who are afraid to take time off, create mandatory PTO days, offer paid breaks throughout the day — aside from lunch — and don’t forget to have management lead by example.

Focus on innovation

Your best medical sales reps aren’t succeeding in their careers simply for a high payday. Most reps who love their careers enjoy making a difference in other people’s lives. That’s why 50 percent of respondents in our Best Places to Work survey said the best places to work focus on a solid product line and 23 percent said they focus on innovation.

While your employees may be passionate about the current product they’re selling, medtech, pharma, and biotech are constantly evolving. If they don’t see your company improving and changing with customers’ needs, they’ll lose their drive and become disinterested

Your employees should constantly be aware of how effective your product line is and the new innovations coming down the line. Share updates in a monthly email by explaining how the company hopes to grow, and who they are looking forward to helping with the new developments.

Having high quality employees who love their jobs is every manager’s dream, however, when employees are happy, it’s easy to forget how much attention and nurturing they still require. Of course, it’s inevitable that employees will come and go, but keeping the lines of communication open will help leaders keep track of where employees truly stand.

Why do you think satisfied medical sales reps leave? Let us know!