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3 Allyship Resources for Medical Sales Companies Focusing on Diversity and Inclusion

Allyship, the ongoing process in which people with privilege and power work to develop empathy toward a marginalized group’s challenges or issues, isn’t a new concept in business. However, current world events sparked by the Black Lives Matters movement has made the act a trending topic among organizations working to bring their companies across the threshold from awareness to action. 

For example, Awaken, an organization focused on developing inclusive leaders and teams, saw an 800% increase in sales mid-June, Michelle Kim, co-founder and CEO, recently shared on LinkedIn. The massive increase comes with a fear that the popularity will decrease, leaving diversity, inclusion, and equality measures without the intentional focus they deserve. 

Like those in other industries, many medical sales companies are looking to create a workplace culture where marginalized groups feel valued, supported, and heard. To do this successfully — and for the long-haul — you’ll need expert guidance along the way. 

Here are three allyship resources medical sales companies can use to create a more inclusive, supportive dynamic: 

1. The Guide to Allyship

Allyship is a foreign concept to many, and that’s OK. While you may have already been focused on being empathetic to your team’s needs for inclusion and support, the deeper idea of taking on struggles as your own may be new. 

The Guide to Allyship is a simple, yet important resource designed for the purpose of leaders who want to make a move toward the action-focused ideas of allyship but are unsure where to start. 

What makes this guide unique is that it’s an open source, meaning anyone can request to contribute to the guide. In itself, it’s a form of allyship where members of underinvested communities can feel safe and supported in the advice they share. 

2. Awaken

During her time as a consultant, co-founder and CEO, Michelle Kim saw first-hand the need for updated education that empowered leaders to be more empathetic, agile, and culturally aware in every aspect of business. 

That’s what laid the groundwork for Awaken, which is dedicated to empowering leaders and teams to lead inclusively and authentically through interactive, action-oriented workshops. Awaken’s team workshops offer actionable and practical tools to enable real, immediate, and long-lasting change that’s meaningful to leaders focused on allyship. 

Here are just two of the workshops and courses Awaken provides: 

Redefining Diversity: Exploring Identities

“This empathy-building workshop helps teams build trust and awareness around key diversity & inclusion concepts. This signature workshop creates compassionate space for team members to open up and get to know each other at a deeper level while building the foundation from which to continue the D&I journey.”

Practicing Thoughtful Allyship

“What does it mean to be a thoughtful ally beyond positive intentions and hashtags? It’s time to move past intentions into action. In this action-packed workshop, you’ll learn about allyship best practices and get a chance to practice building your “courage muscle” in a compassionate environment.” 

3. ReadySet

Some medical sales companies need a more personalized approach to allyship practices. ReadySet is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in helping to create human-centric, inclusive work environments through various stages. 

The ReadySet team is composed of individuals with decades of academic and professional experience. Their goal is to provide data-driven strategies and learning solutions to ensure allyship becomes an engrained piece of your company culture.  

Their services include: 

Strategy and implementation

ReadySet builds and implements strategies that integrate equity and inclusion across systems, policies, and practices. 

Learning and development

The team equips employees, managers, and leaders with tools to foster belonging in the workplace through workshops, training, and coaching services. 

Executive services

This can include C-suite sessions or individual leadership coaching to build capacity and provide long-term support for allyship. 

While all of these resources are valuable for medical sales companies, there’s one resource you can never value enough — your employees. Use these resources as a guide to help you navigate meaningful conversations on allyship with your employees to understand what they need to feel supported, included, and valued. 

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