2017 Surgical Sales Salary Report



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What’s your top earning potential?

Climbing to the top of your career often feels daunting. But if you’re hoping to have a high earning potential in an exciting field, then a job in surgical device sales is worth your effort.

In fact, the 2017 Surgical Sales Rep Salary Report found the average surgical sales salary is $161,492, with an average base of $86,661 and an average bonus of $77,471.


Here’s what successful MedReps members are doing to reach their surgical device sales mountain tops:

About the Survey

More than a third of this year’s survey respondents (948) noted that they sold “Medical or Surgical Devices.” The average total income for this group was $159,130. However, for the purpose of this report, these respondents were further segmented into two groups – medical device or surgical – based on whether or not they regularly spend time working in the OR. This report focuses on the income of those who do spend time working in the OR.


The survey asked respondents about their income, job titles, the products they sell, the type and size of their employers, and more. Even factors that shouldn’t impact income, such as gender, age, and ethnicity, appear to have an effect on surgical device salaries.

Salary by Title and Company

Most surgical device sales reps work for manufacturers (76%) in a field sales capacity (80%). Those working their way to the top as sales reps in the field earn an average of $159,212. However, the further up the surgical sales mountain you climb, the higher the earning potential you have. In fact, management and director of VP roles reported an average salary of $218,192.

What is your surgical sales career goal? Here’s what you can earn along the way:

Average Income by Product Type

Reaching your dream surgical sales career can come in many shapes and sizes, especially when it comes to the type of product you’re selling.

While it’s important to keep these salaries in mind, it’s also crucial to find a product you can be passionate about selling. Fortunately, you have a wide range of products to choose from. Of the products listed on our survey, cardiovascular reached the highest average total with $176,730.

Here’s the full list of salaries to help you discover which path is right for you:


Surgical Sales Salary by Age and Experience

Working your way to the top may feel like a long journey, but that experience pays off. Those who stuck it out for 11 to 20 years are paid the highest average total. However, you don’t have to wait until you’re 60+ years old to reap the benefits of this experience. Our survey found those in the 41 to 50 age bracket have the highest average salary.

While you’re acquiring those scrapes and bumps along the way, remember to take note, learn from your mistakes, and test different paths to find your perfect surgical sales career.



Surgical Sales Salary by Gender

While it’s our hope that one day gender won’t be a factor in determining salary, it remains an evident issue.

Male surgical sales reps still have command of the industry with a staggering representation of 82 percent and women only 18 percent. There could be many factors that play into this under-representation, but it could partially be due to the visible pay gap.


Surgical Sales by Ethnicity

Even more shocking than the salary facts by gender are those broken down by race. Of this year’s respondents, 1.9 percent self-identified as Black/African American and 3.4 percent self-identified as Hispanic.


Income by Travel and State

Traveling is part of any surgical device sales career. However, it’s how often you travel that will affect your income. This year, we found those who travel 50 percent of the time had the highest total average salary.


Travel isn’t the only factor that plays into income. In fact, we found where you travel can also increase or decrease your salary. Of the states with the highest number of respondents, Florida had the largest total average salary with $179,413.


Year Over Year Surgical Sales Representative Salary

The year over year average surgical device sales salary shows a $3,165 increase since 2015, the first year in which we segmented surgical from medical device. While it has shown a slight decrease from 2016, the average total remains an impressive number.


Every surgical device sales rep has their own Everest — that one career goal they’d like to reach. Even though salary is an important factor in finding and reaching your goal, remember everyone has their own mountains to climb. Sit down and make a list of your passions, values, and salary goals to find your most successful surgical sales career.  


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