2017 Medical Equipment Sales Salary Report


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What is the average medical equipment sales salary?

According to the 2017 Medical Equipment Sales Salary report, capital and durable medical equipment sales professionals earn an average total income of $151,882, with an average base of $89,220.

medical equipment sales average and median income

These impressive incomes aren’t going unnoticed. In fact, our report found average medical equipment salaries rank fourth on the list of average salaries by product type.

About the Survey

In this year’s Medical Sales Salary Survey, 268 employed respondents fell in this category. The survey digs beyond salary in the world of medical equipment sales. It also asked respondents about their job titles, the type and size of employers, gender, age, and ethnicity to help current and potential medical equipment sales pros reach the height of their earning potential.

Medical Equipment Sales Salary by Employer Size and Job Title


When it comes to medical equipment sales salaries, not all jobs or employers are created equal. While the average income for the field is $151,882, sales directors/VPs are earning an impressive $191,815.

medical equipment title

Medical Equipment Sales Salary by Age and Experience

Medical equipment sales pros aren’t finding success simply by being lucky. As they grow in age and experience, so do their salaries. This is proof that hard work and a willingness to learn gives definite rewards in this field.

medical equipment income by age 2017

Gender and Ethnicity in Medical Equipment Sales

Women account for just 20 percent of respondents selling medical equipment. And with an average total income of $120,393, they earn $39,637 a year less than their male counterparts. While we still have work to do in closing the pay gap, it has closed by over $7,000 since last year.

Consistent with the trend in other niche medical sales markets, Caucasian males make up the majority of respondents in the equipment sales salary report.

medical equipment gender

medical equipment ethnicity

Sales Salary by Travel and Location


Professionals putting the miles in are seeing major rewards in their average income. In fact, our report found those traveling 50 percent of the time are earning significantly more than those not traveling overnight for work.

In addition to travel, where you live also impacts your earning potential. Of the states with the highest number of respondents, we found California is where medical equipment sales pros are earning the most.

medical equipment travel2

Year Over Year Medical Equipment Sales Salary

Even though we’ve seen a slight decrease in the average salary for medical sales equipment pros, the number remains impressive. With the freedom to work hard and impact your earnings, the possibilities are truly endless.

medical equipment year over year


Aside from salary, medical equipment sales comes with plenty of impressive benefits. From health benefits (87 percent), to 401k with matching (80 percent), and expense accounts (74 percent), just to name a few, medical equipment sales pros aren’t lacking in the perks department.

As fourth on the list of highest average incomes, medical equipment sales jobs continue to rank among the most highly sought after medical sales jobs.


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