2016 Medical Device Sales Salary Report

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Medical Device Sales Salary Report

2016 Medical Device Sales Salary Report

What Is the Average Medical Device Sales Salary?

How much do medical device reps make? According to the 2016 Medical Device Salary Report, the average medical device sales salary is $147,857, with an average base of $87,916 (Median Base $75,000, Median Total $135,000). The income is impressive, so it’s easy to see why so many sales professionals hope to break into medical device sales.Average Medical Device Sales Salary

About the Survey

More than a third of this year’s survey respondents (1,137) noted that they sold “Medical or Surgical Devices.” The average total income for this group was $158,842. For the purposes of this report, these respondents were further segmented into two groups – med device or surgical – based on whether or not they regularly spend time working in the OR. This report focuses on the income of those who do not spend time working in the OR.

The survey asked respondents not only about their income, but also about their job titles, the products they sell, the type and size of their employers and more. Even factors such as gender, age, and ethnicity appear to have an impact on medical device salaries.

Med Device Sales Salary
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Medical Device Sales Salary by Job Title and Company Size

The majority of medical device respondents work in field sales (63%) for manufacturers (76%). The average medical device rep salary for those working in the field is $137,606, however, those in sales management and director or VP roles can earn up to an average of $225,588.

Medical device manufacturers typically pay more than distributors, and large manufacturers pay the highest average medical device sales rep salary at $165,409.

Medical Device Sales Salary by Job Title

Medical Device Companies

Average Income by Product Type

While respondents in this category do not spend time in the OR, some of the products they sell are used in surgery. Cardiac, laparoscopic, and ortho spine products command the highest average medical device sales salary, with ortho knee and hip products coming in at the bottom. However, most product types fit into multiple categories.

Med Device Salaries by Product

Medical Device Salary by Age and Experience

As expected, medical device salaries increase with age and experience, but only to a point. Those with 11-20 years of experience earn an average income slightly higher than those with more than 20 years of experience. And 40 and 50-somethings earn higher average medical device salaries than those respondents over 60.

 Medical Device Sales Rep Salary Age

Medical Device Sales Salary by Gender and Ethnicity

White men make up 64% of respondents in this category and earn an average medical device salary of $157,127. Women account for just 29% of respondents and earn an average income that is just 81% of that of their male peers. African American and Hispanic respondents make up  2.1% and 2.7%, respectively. Because of the low number of respondents in these categories, the average incomes reported are not statistically significant.

Medical Device Salary by Gender

Medical Device Sales Salary by Travel and Location

Professionals who travel with their medical device sales jobs are likely to earn more money than those who do not travel at all. Professionals traveling half of the time report the highest average incomes.

Where respondents live may also have an impact on medical device salaries. The states with the highest reported average incomes are Minnesota ($235,000), Nevada ($218,333), and Connecticut ($192,500). However, the number of respondents in these states was too low to accurately reflect what a medical device professional would earn. Among the states with the highest number of respondents, Illinois reported the highest earnings.

How Does Travel Impact Medical Device Sales Salariesmed_device_state

Year-Over-Year Medical Device Sales Rep Salary

The year-over-year average medical device salary shows a fairly significant decline, however, this is due to the new classification of those working in the OR into the surgical category. When looking at the average income of the combined categories of medical device and surgical, the average total income is $158,842, which is more in-line with the numbers for the prior years shown here.

Year Over Year Medical Device Sales Salary


Device sales professionals continue to earn impressive income, however, the results of this year’s study show that those who spend time working in the OR earn significantly more than those who do not. Other factors impacting medical device salaries include job title, product type, employer size and more.

There are other perks in medical device sales jobs including company cars or car allowances (82%), expense accounts (77%), stock options (38%), and more. The total compensation packages, combined with other factors such as flexibility, autonomy, and the chance to make a difference contribute to overall job satisfaction, which is high among these respondents. A combined 77% of respondents said they were either very satisfied (32%) or somewhat satisfied (46%) with their medical device jobs.

Not all medical device sales jobs are created equal though. If yours isn’t paying industry standards, it may be time to search for something new on MedReps.


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