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2013 Pharma & Specialty Pharma Sales Salary Report

Pharma & Specialty Pharma Salary Report

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Pharmaceutical Sales Salary Respondents conducted its 3rd Annual Medical Sales Salary Survey in April of 2013. More than 2,000 professionals currently working in medical sales anonymously shared data about their jobs, incomes, and other demographics. Professionals working in pharma or specialty pharma made up a combined 26% of survey respondents. Where possible, this report will separate these fields, but unless noted, pharma and specialty pharma responses have been combined.

Pharma Sales Salaries


Average and Median Pharma Sales Salaries

Specialty Pharma:

Average and Median Specialty Pharma Sales Salaries

Pharma Salaries by Title

The 2013 Salary Survey not only looks at the average income but also median, which can vary significantly from the average. This is because extremely high earners can skew the average disproportionately higher than the majority earns.

Three-fourths of the pharma and specialty pharma respondents hold the title “field sales rep” or “territory manager.” Not surprisingly, should this group make the jump to management, they will see a significant impact on their incomes.

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