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With all of the turmoil surrounding the economy and healthcare in recent years, it has sometimes seemed like there could never be enough medical equipment sales jobs to go around. The looming cloud of the medical device tax and the near constant challenges to the FDA approval process have left some medical equipment sales reps more than a little bewildered. However, there is good news on the horizon.

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Medical Equipment Sales Careers

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Just recently, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai announced a new strategy to revitalize their brand, expanding the Sony name even further into medical supply sales. While some news outlets continue to harp on the poor performance of the recent past, others are looking forward toward a brighter future for medical instrument companies. Frankly, the overwhelming number of medical equipment sales jobs currently listed on would suggest the latter is more appropriate.

Let's put it in perspective. Medical equipment sales jobs revolve around the needs of the people and people need medical instruments. The American population is experiencing an explosion in its elderly population. The "Baby Boomers" are getting on in age and, sadly, that means more people come to rely on medical equipment. To break it down into straight statistics, the population of Americans ages 65 and up is expected to nearly double in the next decade. Estimates suggest the number will reach 70 million people by the year 2030.

While aging isn't always a topic people enjoy discussing, it is a fact of life. At the same time, that circle of life is good for business. Not only do DME companies help provide longevity and the comfort to enjoy it, but they create thousands of equipment and sales jobs in the process.

Find your new positioning be looking at medical equipment sales jobs on You may also want to look into medical device sales jobs as some companies use both terms to describe a variety of roles.

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