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Get Lucky with MedReps in 2013

Celebrating 13 years of helping thousands of job seekers get “lucky” in their job search.

It’s hard to believe 13 years have passed since a small group of medical sales recruiters founded to help them connect with qualified industry professionals. Those first users found unprecedented scucess on and word travelled fast. Thirteen years and thousands of referrals later, continues to be the go-to job site for experienced industry professionals.

To celebrate 13 years as the industry’s preferred job board, MedReps is offering a different promotion for each month of 2013. Just look for the Lucky 13 icon, hidden somewhere on the site, and click the icon to view that month’s special offer. There will be something for everyone – job posters, members, and non-members alike. Just keep coming back to look for the icon.

If your career or job search needs a little bit of luck, 2013 could be your year. And after 13 years of successfully helping job seekers, is your best bet.


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