Why Choose MedReps?
Since 2000, MedReps has been connecting employers and recruiters with experienced medical and pharmaceutical sales professionals. Nearly two decades later, job posters continue to use the industry’s leading job resource to find top talent. Healthcare sales professionals are using MedReps.com as well, expecting to find the most sought-after medical and pharmaceutical sales jobs in the marketplace.
As a recruiter or hiring manager, how do you know you’ll find better candidates on MedReps.com? Simply put, we’re different and that’s a good thing. Here’s how:
  • 53% of MedReps.com members are currently employed in the industry.
  • 73% of employed members are actively looking for a new position.
  • 88% of all MedReps.com members have industry experience.
  • 76% of experienced members have been in the industry more than 5 years.
  • Our subscription service filters the applicant pool leaving you with more serious candidates.
MedReps.com has over 3,000 new candidates join every month, adding to a database of over 31,000 members! With an extensive reach like this, it’s easy to see that job exposure is never a problem using our site. In addition, MedReps’ industry-leading platform features numerous benefits that aren’t found using other sites. Benefits include:
  • Easy site navigation with ad-free webpages.
  • A searchable resume database.
  • Resumes of qualified candidates sent to a customized inbox.
  • Fully-integrated iPhone app.
Take advantage of our other job poster services today, including our various employer and recruiter job posting packages, advanced resume search, and featured jobs tool among other powerful solutions. These unique and fully-customizable services are all designed to help you gain maximum visibility of the jobs you’ve posted while singling out the very best candidates for each position offered.

MedReps understands how important the success of your organization is. We also understand that it all starts with great employees. With MedReps.com, you can be assured that only the best candidates are delivered to you.