Getting Started is the premier job website for finding medical sales jobs in the fields of biotech, medical device, and pharmaceuticals. was also designed to connect recruiters and hiring managers with thousands of qualified job candidates. In addition to posting detailed job listings from an extensive database, we provide many services to both recruiters, employers and job-seekers alike. For job posters, we offer the following value-added services:

Job Posting Packages offers a variety of job posting packages for both employers and recruiters that are suited for virtually any campaign, ranging from one job posting lasting 30 days up to unlimited job postings lasting an entire year! With this type of flexibility, you can rest assured that maximum exposure will be reached without stretching your budget.

Resume Search

Our powerful resume search feature allows job posters to find the most qualified candidates. With MedReps’ detailed search feature, you can be sure of finding your ideal candidate, communicate easily and effectively with them, and compare similar resumes while simplifying the entire process from start to finish. If you would like to receive information in regards to our resume database, please Contact Us and a representative from our sales department will contact you.

Additional Features

Featured Jobs

Give your featured job the attention it deserves by featuring it at the top of MedReps’ search results page or in job alert emails sent to literally thousands of subscribers. Benefits include:
  • Featured Job in Job Results:
    Your featured job will appear in a blue box at the top of the results page whenever users perform a search using at least two of the three criteria you select.
  • Featured Job in Alert Emails:
    Your featured job will appear in emails to subscribers who have saved a search using at least two of your selected criteria. In addition, it may also appear in "all job" job alert emails.
  • Combo Featured Job:
    Your featured job listing will appear on both the results page and in job alert emails.

Insider Information

Get the latest news and trends from respected industry officials. Learn about current events in the fields of medical and pharmaceutical sales as well as ways to improve and filter your search for quality candidates. In addition to unparalleled job posting packages, a unique resume search program, and highlighted job options, MedReps provides in-depth articles, reports, and blogs from a variety of specialists. Become a member of the MedReps community today and gain access to a host of powerful tools designed to market your jobs while ultimately simplifying your hiring process!