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Need a little help with your search for medical sales jobs? We hear you. While MedReps doesn't offer 1-on-1 career counseling, we do strive to provide you with helpful resources to make your job search easier. Whether it's a resume rewrite, sales training, or maybe just some recommended reading, the resources listed here can help make you a stronger candidate. If you have recommendations for additional resources, we'd love to hear them. From pharmaceutical sales job fairs to a great book you recently read, send your suggestions to

Sales Resume Editing Services

Phone not ringing as much as you'd like? It may be time to let the experts take over and edit your resume. Our team is made up of practicing medical sales recruiters focused specifically on medical sales jobs, including biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical sales. As a result, our resume editing team knows exactly what medical sales recruiters need to see in your resume. The MedReps Resume Service offers one-on-one contact with your resume writer so you can work together to create a results-oriented, keyword-rich resume.

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Insider Secrets About the Medical Sales Industry

In this informative, free webinar, medical sales recruiter Peggy McKee will give you the insider tricks you need to get a job in medical sales. You will learn the 6 critical factors that must be met in order to get the medical sales job you want. There's no special certification required. There's no special background. Anyone can do them, but those who don't know the secret won't get the job. Learn the Insider Secrets About the Medical Sales Industry

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Mobile Sales Training Downloads

Learn the secret to selling to physicians and hospital administrators from corporate trainer, Scott Moldenhauer. Scott works with top companies like Bayer, Teva, and Medtronic to help their sales teams be more effective. Take advantage of Scott's expertise in these value-priced training packages available for immediate download at a fraction of the corporate training prices. Files are compatible with your smartphone or tablet, so you can listen from home, the office, your car, or waiting on your next appointment.

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How to Get into Medical Sales

Top gun medical sales recruiter reveals the secret formula for interviewing and landing a medical sales job. You'll learn how to make a seamless transition into medical sales by bypassing HR, making your case directly to hiring managers. Even if you're a "rookie", you can learn how to land lucrative medical sales positions. You owe it to yourself to investigate this resource.

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