Career Services

Need a little help with your medical sales job search? MedReps partners with industry experts to offer you assistance in the form of resume editing, interview coaching, and sales training.

Resume Writing

Partner with an industry recruiter to craft a professional resume that is sure to break through the ATS and capture the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. Cover letters also available. Get started now.

Interview Coaching

Get ready for your next interview with a coaching session from an industry expert. Together, you’ll think through how your skills and experience match the job. Then, through role-playing, you’ll practice articulating your value and asking for the job. Get started now.

LinkedIn Profile

Whether you need to update your profile or create a brand new one, work with an industry expert to craft the perfect profile. More and more employers are researching candidates on social media – so you need to make sure you are using all the latest techniques and strategies to stand out. Get started now.

Sales Training

No matter where you are in your medical sales career, you’re sure to learn something new from corporate trainer, Scott Moldenhauer’s series of interviews with sales leaders. In an easy to digest format (listen from your phone while driving or in a waiting room), you’ll gain tips and advice on overcoming the unique challenges of selling into the healthcare market. Listen to samples.

30-60-90 Day Plan

Create an effective written strategy for your first 3 months on the job. Show hiring managers you understand the responsibilities of the job and you are prepared to perform them well. Your 30-60-90 day plan will speak to the company’s needs, products, specific market and values. Get Started Now

Thank You Letter

After the interview, a follow up "thank you" email is standard practice. Develop a customized, editable thank you letter to make a lasting impression on hiring managers. Get Started Now

Additional Features

Insider Secrets About the Medical Sales Industry

In this informative, free webinar, medical sales recruiter Peggy McKee shares some insider tricks that will help you get a job in medical sales.

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How to Get Into Medical Sales

Recruiter and career coach Peggy McKee shares the secret formula for interviewing and landing a medical sales job. Even those just starting out can successfully break into medical sales with this approach.
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