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Job Searching is Hard.

Make it easier with these services at MedReps.

Resume & Cover Letter Services

Increase your odds of breaking through the ATS and capturing the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. Our partners are industry experts who know what recruiters want to see on your resume.

Your new resume will help you:

Break through the ATS
Capture the attention of recruiters and hiring managers
Get invited to interview
* The Resume Service is a non-refundable feature intended to help professionals improve their existing resumes. The service is most effective for professionals with a background in healthcare or business-to-business sales. Job seekers with no relevant experience may submit their resumes for review but should do so with the knowledge that no amount of editing can give them the experience required by many of the job posters on

Interview Coaching

Your resume earned you an interview, but how do you convince the hiring manager you’re the best candidate for the job? Our coaches are industry insiders who will show you exactly what to do. After your session you will be able to:

After your session you will be able to:

Articulate how your skills match the job
Avoid common interview pitfalls
Ask for the job with confidence

LinkedIn Profile

Develop your personal brand and enhance your resume so that you stand out as employers seek to learn more about your qualifications and career path. Our partners are medical industry experts that will create a winning profile for you that will aid in your job search.

Your LinkedIn profile will help you to:

Build your personal brand
Spotlight your achievements & successes
Contribute to group conversations, and more.

Sales Training

Selling to physicians and healthcare executives presents a unique set of challenges. Learn how to overcome them in Scott Moldenhauer’s series of interviews with renowned sales leaders.

You will learn:

How to effectively use questions
What top performers do daily
How to leverage body language
And much more...

30-60-90 Plan

Show hiring managers how you'll build business and grow with the company by creating a 30/60/90 day plan.

Your 30-60-90 Day plan will:

Show hiring managers you understand the responsibilities of the job
Display your knowledge of the company’s products and values
Showcase your ability to research and develop an effective strategy

Thank You Letter

The Thank You Letter is your final opportunity to make a lasting positive impression on the hiring manger and interviewer.

What comes next?

After you submit your payment information, you will receive detailed instructions for uploading your resume, connecting with your coach/writer, and/or accessing your training.