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It's no secret that biotech companies have had their share of struggles in recent years. Healthcare reform and global economic issues have been felt throughout the research and development industry. However, analysts believe there is a bright future for those looking for biotech sales jobs, an idea supported by the number of sales jobs currently listed on from biotech recruiters and companies from across the country. Not surprisingly, the source of the renewed positive outlook comes from the persistence and continual devotion to the development cycle seen in the biotechnology and biopharma industry.

Bright Outlook for Biotech Sales Jobs

There has been an inside push to reinvigorate the biopharma industry, which subsequently increases the potential for biotechnology sales jobs posted by biotech recruiters. Perhaps having grown tired of being mislabeled, the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) has spearheaded a move to emphasize the importance of the biotech industry in America. As quoted in an article on, the BIO program would "reduce risk; enhance reward; reduce uncertainty; and 'reinforce the position of the industry as a major contributor to the solution of some of the public's most pressing needs.'"

As the different biotech companies (and biopharma companies) rally to support this renewed vision, biotech sales reps will play an equally important role as research and development. After all, how do you get the products to market without a solid sales force?

Whether you're looking to transition into biotech from your recent pharmaceutical sales job or are simply looking to advance your career. Use to find your career in biotech sales or numerous biotech recruiters. You can also look into similar fields, like pharmaceutical sales jobs.

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