MedReps delivers more industry specific jobs than any other site, resulting in more interviews and job offers for our exclusive community of medical sales professionals.

  • The most industry jobs
    The Most Industry Jobs:
    We track job counts on industry job boards and MedReps consistently has more jobs than all of them - combined. Over the last 12 months, we've averaged 320% more jobs than the rest.
  • Strong application response rate
    Strong Application Response Rates:
    4 in 10 members report getting a face-to-face interview. 1 in 10 applicants received a job offer.
  • Trusted industry partners
    Trusted Industry Partner Since 2000:
    Launched more than a decade ago, MedReps has established relationships with over 50% of Top Pharma and Medical Device companies.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    Customer Satisfaction:
    We've served over 160k candidate members, with 60% becoming repeat customers. One-third of our job posting members have been posting jobs on MedReps for more than 5 years.